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Security & accessibility through Sound Cloud technology

At Teklada, we specialise in cloud services and consultation to provide you with the utmost security and accessibility, no matter where you are. Our cloud specialists have the skills to assist you in achieving your business goals. When you choose us, you gain the advantages of scalability, flexibility and reliability.

Cloud services we provide

We provide the following essential cloud services:

Cost optimisation

Security audit

Managed ICT services

Ongoing support


Cost optimisation

Teklada Services are designed to optimise your costs, enabling you to maximise your investment. With flexible plans and cost-effective options, we empower you to elevate your business without straining your finances. Experience the perfect balance of value and affordability with Teklada by your side.

Security audit

Our comprehensive security audit covers every aspect, from infrastructure to application, ensuring the protection of your valuable information. With Teklada, your cloud services are in good hands and protected from any potential security threats. Trust us to keep your data safe and your peace of mind intact.

Managed ICT services

We offer a holistic solution to meet all your cloud-related needs. From cloud hosting and data storage to software development and IT support, we serve as your one-stop shop. Our expert team of IT professionals ensures that your systems are highly performant, scalable, and optimised for efficiency.

Ongoing support

At Teklada, we understand that every organisation needs reliable cloud services and uninterrupted support. That’s why we prioritise these aspects and offer a wide range of customised cloud solutions tailored to fit your business needs. We provide ongoing support services to ensure seamless operations, allowing your systems to function like a well-oiled machine, free from any disruptions.

The benefits of cloud services

01 Scalability

If you’re a business looking to boost storage capacity, computing power, or bandwidth, cloud services are the optimal choice.


Embracing the cloud empowers you with the flexibility to quickly respond to increased demand without the need for added investments in hardware or software. By leveraging the cloud, you save physical space and financial resources to invest in other crucial areas of the business, driving growth and innovation.

02 Cost-effectiveness
With our cloud services, you can save on operational costs, avoid expensive investments in physical infrastructure that takes up valuable space, and eliminate high maintenance costs. Moreover, it helps reduce energy consumption and utility costs, allowing you to get the most out of your resources and see immediate results.
03 Flexibility
With us, you have the ability to add more users, storage capacity, processing power, and applications as your business grows. Get the resources you need to boost your success.
04 Reliability
Our cloud services prioritise the safety and recoverability of your data by undergoing regular backups, even in the event of an outage. We understand that reliability is paramount for businesses of all sizes, and we take pride in safeguarding your data at all times.
05 Security and audit monitoring
At Teklada, we offer advanced security and auditing monitoring capabilities, ensuring the highest level of protection for your information. Our robust measures allow for quick and effective identification and resolution of potential security threats. Rest assured knowing your data is secure with us.
06 Innovation
Our advanced analytics and intelligence capabilities allow us to create more innovative and efficient solutions tailored to help you achieve your goals. With our expertise, we validate the best possible solutions that best meet your specific needs.
07 Time-to-market
With cloud technology, businesses can swiftly launch their products and services, without the costly investments and lengthy wait times often associated with traditional on-premises solutions. Take advantage of cloud services to unlock the full potential of your business without delay.
08 Better disaster recovery
With Teklada’s reliable data and application replication services, easily replicate your data and applications across multiple locations. If disaster strikes, you can seamlessly switch to an alternate location, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.
09 Automatic software updates
Mitigate the risk of costly downtime caused by outdated or incompatible software by automating software updates. To minimise disruptions for businesses and end-users, Teklada provides support beyond regular business hours. We prioritise security by automating necessary updates and upgrades, keeping your systems secure and up to date without requiring any manual intervention.
10 Compliance
At Teklada, we equip our customers with the necessary systems to remain compliant. Our dedicated team offers support and guidance to help you understand and meet your compliance obligations with confidence. With Teklada by your side, you can rest easy knowing that your data is protected and your compliance requirements are met.

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